Mortal Kombat Dance Dance to the Death!

November 20th, 2009 by John Bruneau

On Thursday Oct 29 at 6.30pm somewhere in the San Jose State Art building, it all went down. Fourteen brutal rounds of a no-holds-barred video-game up-mashing amazed and horrified onlookers. By 8pm the smoke had cleared. Only one mortal stood victorious.

This video is an attempt to re-cap that momentous night, in about 3.5 minutes. Our video and audio was mad glitchy from what I can only assume to be a lethal combination of smooth moves and toasty uppercuts, making editing an intense process. Although he doesn’t know it, once again Tettix saved my ass.

Music: Tettix – Dragon Punch

The Tournament event went fantastically. Thank you to everyone for coming out. I leave you now with a fun little clip of a friendly pre-game warm up match between Namphoung and I. You can see the fight on the monitor in the background.

I’d like to thank The Cadre Laboratory for New Media, The San Jose State Game Development Club, and James Morgan’s Furlough Days.

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