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BURN OUT is a showcase of Game/Art works by students of SJSU. The show was a collaboration between Art 175: Art Games and Interactive Media class and the Game Development Club at San Jose State. The mission of BURN OUT was to produce a grand bizarre of current student work, a frenetic bombardment of overstimulation that mirrored an arcade more than a class show. What resulted was a combination of gamepads, pedestals, lights, sounds, keyboards, coffee tables, bean bag chairs and a completely in-house fabricated arcade cabinet.

The Show was organized and curated by John Bruneau with much help from members of the Game Development club and the Students of Art 175. BURN OUT is dedicated to Clayton Wallace a member of Art 175 who passed away suddenly in the weeks before the show launched.

Exhibiting Artists

Haifa Tabbara, Marek Kapolka, Veronica Otto, Glenn Pham, Kim Ruiz, John Pham, Travis Stebbins , Christopher Trinidade, Cory Nethery-Pavelchak, Eliza Ranjeet, Michael Tucker, Bryan Mann, Jared Mills, Luis Wong, Jimi Youm, Astro Leon-Jhong, Chris Sanchez, Peter Le, Chuma Nnaji, Michael Wu, Kevin Maier, Christina Chan, Emily Chen, Patrick Harris, Allen Francisco, Catherine Wood, Gavin Higham, Will pham, Daniel Wilson, Anders Dang, Kristopher Windsor, Cindy, Melson Varsovia


John Bruneau: Curator
Patrick Khachi: Docent

Gallery Crew

Marek Kapolka, Michael Wu, Michael Tucker, John Pham, Glenn Pham, Haifa Tabbara

Cabinet Crew

Cindy: Coordinator, Cody McCabe: Fabricator, Kristopher Windsor: Hardware, Alex Kerr: Arcade Sticks

Special Thanks

Bruce Gardner, James Morgan

April 30th to May 3rd
Opening Galla: May 1st, 6pm to 9pm

Art Building, Gallery II
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, Ca



Michael Tucker, Bryan Mann, Jared Mills, Luis Wong, Jimi Youm, Astro Leon-Jhong, Chris Sanchez, Peter Le, Chuma Nnaji, Michael Wu, Kevin Maier, Christina Chan, Emily Chen

Set in a crowded cafe, the goal is to deliver a cup of coffee to a girl at the far end of a very busy coffeeshop full of 2D and 3D characters.

Cupcake Monster

Haifa Tabbara

Cupcake Monster is a single player platformer game, about pacifying a Dino-Monster. Hop around on puffy clouds collecting cupcakes and avoiding bees to kept the Dino-Monster occupied and happy, so he doesn't destroy humanity.

The Dino character in this game was designed by Steven J. Tubbrit. Tubbrit's Dino character inspired me, so I wanted to create a story and an environment for him to exists in. I named him Dino-Monster and placed him in a daydream like environment because to me he seems like a relatively happy creature. Floating around in the sky collecting treats is like going to his "happy place." Although he is smiling when he is collecting cupcakes, I could imagine that when he is not getting his cupcake fix he would become destructive and a danger to humanity. He is a happy monster with a violent dark side.

Dress Up Adventure

Eliza Ranjeet, John Pham, Glenn Pham

A group of girls were looking for a good place to have a costume party when they stumbled upon a structure containing eleven artifacts. The girls are not alone, there are spectral beings roaming around. Each girl must obtain her own artifacts, but they can help each other collect them, by guiding one another or fending off each other’s spectral pursuers. Every player has two spectral pursuers at any given time. The game is open ended. The players can consider themselves victorious when they collect all the artifacts.

If one of the players disconnects, it is recommended that all other players should reconnect. Otherwise, the player who was disconnected can still be seen but appears frozen and uninterruptable; this includes the two spectral pursuers. If the other players do not mind, then they can continue on.

Eugene The Grumpy Robot 2

Veronica Otto

Harpies Thunderingly Tour

Kristopher Windsor, Cindy, Melson Varsovia

A Harpy is on a tour in San Francisco. Unfortunately, these mythological beings are known weapons of mass destruction and chaos! Wherever they go, they leave death and ruin behind. Even so, you will try your hardest to enjoy your vacation and not unleash your destructive powers onto the historic city. And who knows? With your will and determination, maybe you will leave SF intact by time your tour is over.

Meme Buster!

John Pham

This game is a satire about memes. Memes are an internet phenomenon of an internet culture being created because of something shared through the internet community. In this game, a girl is suddenly in a dance room with other meme dancing girls. The goal is to escape. There are two ways to escape. The girl can either find five pieces of EXIT scattered across the room and then press the [E] button or click the full EXIT button that appears. An alternative is to punch off ten of the meme dancing girls. There are a total of six dances and there are three different types of victory after escaping the six dances. The three possible victories are based on alignment: Neutral, Lawful, and Chaotic. Start busting!

The meme in game’s stages and music are:
1. Caramelldansen (Caramell - Speedycake Remix)
2. Ni Hao Nyan Nyan (DJ Midarezakis remix)
3. Fukkireta (Kasane Teto)
4. Pappara (Speedycake Remix)
5. Paffendorf
6. Nyan Cat


Anders Dang

You are an amorphous, nameless dewdrop, a spawn of the great Mother of Monkey Cups. Your job is to make the ground pretty and make it back home in time for dinner. Avoid the insects taking their daily night walk—or they’ll kill you. Yes, really. Roll, jump, and disperse your way back home!

Pandas Open Swimmingly

John Pham, Will Pham, Daniel Wilson

Pandas Open Swimmingly is a game about a Panda pirate seeking to open treasure chests with less effort. The Panda’s goal is to obtain all of the treasures to buy bamboos and bring the leisurely life to the panda community. The treasure chests are guarded by Monkey pirates. The Panda, that the player controls, is strong and can swimmingly maul down the hordes of monkeys to reach and open the treasure chests.  Is there any monkey who can provide this Panda a decent challenge?

Pixel Monsters

Travis Stebbins, Marek Kapolka, Christopher Trinidade, Haifa Tabbara, Cory Nethery-Pavelchak

Ramps Derp

Kristopher Windsor, Alex Robinson

This marble would have a fine time rolling past trees and teapots if there weren't so many obstacles on its path! Can you place ramps along the way to help the marble jump over them?

Running Late

Glenn Pham

A giant girl, who tries to be a normal school girl in a city, must show the city that she can be proper by going to school and not cause destruction at the same time. Unfortunately, her giant scale easily disrupts the inhabitant and she is often tardy. The girl repeats this routine next day and the day after that.

The goal is to obtain the high score possible to get a good judgment from the school and the city hall.The player must dress up in 3 school attire sets as quickly as possible, via a button tapping and holding mini-game. Then she must go to school before the Tardy Meter is completely filled, while avoiding as much destruction as she can, otherwise the Chaos Meter increases and reduces the score. The Chaos Meter multiplies the negative score. Keep it low if possible. When the Chaos Meter passes 50%, helicopters begin to barricade the girl’s way. There are 4 movement speeds, from slow tiptoeing and less destructive to fast running and very destructive.

Swiftly Working Poland

Patrick Harris, Allen Francisco, Catherine Wood

Your name is Poland. You're a Polish office worker in Poland. Go around the office and swiftly complete mundane office tasks! File paperwork! Print things! Make your boss proud! Chat with your friendly co-workers! Resist the urge to pass out! You might just become CEO someday.

World of Dads

Marek Kapolka

During my last trip to Harajuku I visited an indie fortune teller who, for security reasons, would only accept clients in a nudist karaoke bar. He told me that in a previous life I had been both of the fathers of a young Jason Rohrer. We had been sent by GodSatan (the word has no simple translation into English) to destroy the poor boy's sanity using weaponized behavioral science research, so that he could snatch the most beautiful poetry in the world from the brink of madness. As I lay spread eagle on the gelatenous water bed, amidst the milky marijuana haze and peyote nightmares, I Believed that fortune teller.

Watch More TV?

Kim Ruiz

Zeppelin Jump Funnily

Gavin Higham, Glen Pham

A hydrogen zeppelin is in flames and it is about to crash into a landmark tower!  All the zeppelin passengers impulsively jump out for safety...or death.  Fortunately, there are civilian rescuers equipped with long-ranged water hose and grappling hook to save the passengers and the zeppelin before it crashes the building. Zeppelin = An flying airship, blimp, or dirigible. Jump = To rise or jerk suddenly. Funnily = To provide something amusing, comical, deceitful, and strange.

John Bruneau 2020