Oath is a game about loyalty and influence. The essence this game harkens back to royal families and feudal times. Turn game pieces to your family’s color and use them to help you influence other pieces. This game was partially inspired by two games by Jason Rohrer Gravitation (2008) and The Castle Doctrine (2014). These games both deal with family loyalty but in very different ways, we wanted to create something that required players to spend time at home and expand that home, something that felt both positive and dark.

Oath was originally developed for the 2018 Indiecade East Game Jam. It was designed by John Bruneau and Yuxin Gao, with programming by Bruneau and QA by Gao. It was designed specifically to run on Blinks.


Oath can be played with any number of Blinks but we recommend using at least six. At the beginning of the game each Blink is neutral and randomly cycles through all four colors. Each player chooses a color to represent their banner. The object of the game is to turn the entire board your color.

All players start at once. Tap a blink whenever your color is displayed to increase the probability that that blink will display your color again. Eventually that blink will only display your color, at this point it is no longer neutral, it is now part of your clan. Blinks that are aligned to a particular tribe start to influence others around them. All blinks talk, even those that are already aligned are influenced by the majority of the blinks touching them.

The gameplay is fast paced and frantic. To be successful, players must constantly tap blinks whenever their color appears and reconfigure the board to surround the opposing players blinks. Not all blinks have to touch but players may not move blinks out of reach of opposing players.


Oath has been shown at Indiecade East 2018 where it won the “Out of the Box award” and the Babycastles Academy Blinks Workshop.

John Bruneau 2018