Oath, 2018
A game about loyalty and influence.
Frenemies in an Impossible Future, 2018
A twin stick arena shooter with gameplay that moves fluidly between PVP and Co-op.
Hot Ronny Rumbles, 2015 - 2016
The Hot Ronny Rumble is a semiannual indie game tournament series held at Babycastles Gallery.
I Want My MTV Back, 2013
I worked as lead developer on this room escape style point and click adventure. In this fictional narrative the protagonist travels back in time to restore MTV to its glory days. Created by Haifa Tabbara.
No Solid Ground, 2013
A 3D competitive multiplayer game where players try to avoid falling from the quickly collapsing structure into the lava below. Don't stand still for too long.
Partisan Politics, 2010
Glorious Trainwrecks Pirate Kart 2, Original score by Parris Khachi
This game does not claim to be anything other than Survival Horror.
Borders, Boundaries & Liminal Spaces, 2007
New Media Consortium Island, Second Life, Hosted by Ars Virta
Gamne the System Panel Chair
Infinitree, 2005
A self iterating process written in Python/openGL, exemplifying pattern formations in nature.
Dungeon Invaders, 2004
A cross-genre franken-game made in C++ and OpenGL. Collaboration: Elton Sanchez
John Bruneau Interviews Cory Arcangel, 2004
I interviewed Cory Arcangel for issue 19 of _switch Journal for New Media. The mockup ended up garnering a lot of traffic so I'm still hosting it.
[...disembodiment], 2004
A technological experiment in the extraction of one's perception from one's own physical body and placing it in another.
Cye, 2000
I helped create a "voice" for a personal robot. Collaboration Joe Walsh, Marc Böhlen

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