Red White & Blue (They're with Me)

A game about bipartisan community building and obstructing ICE.

Red White & Blue is a twin-stick action puzzle game with Atari-era aesthetics. It has an abstract but overtly political narrative and was made for the Resist Jam in the spring of 2017.

How to Play

You are two people of differing political alignments. Ease bipartisan tensions by talking to your comrades. They will join your posse if they don't see you as an antagonist. ICE agents are unjustly targeting your friends. Use your posse to obstruct those ICE agents and get your friends to safety.

One player controls both characters. You may also split the controls with a friend and try to coordinate with one another. This game is best played with a dual stick controller but WASD and Arrow Keys on the keyboard will work as well. Each stick on the gamepad controls one person. Each person has 3 hits. ICE will kill you immediately, howerver. If one of your players dies the game is over. Press the main gamepad buttons, or spacebar to start. Esc key to quit.

Please comment if you hit bugs or have issues.


The Soundtrack for Red White and Blue was created by Jimmy Q. He retains ownership of it, and it can not be reused without his express consent. If you like what you hear, you can support his music and download the soundtrack on his bandcamp page.

Future Updates

I am currently working on an iOS port. Let me know if you would like to be a beta tester.

Play the Game

John Bruneau 2018