CS185C 05 / CS286 03
Game Design Studio

Game Design Studio is the capstone course in Game Design. Inter-disciplinary teams will create a substantial project over the course of the semester and present it to the public. The class will cover game production and development with groups operating as small indie-game startups. Emphasis will be placed on rapid prototyping, iteration and refinement. Lectures focus on gaming, society, and recent directions in the indie-game movement, with occasional guest lecturers from professionals in the field. Weekly activities include play-tests, prototyping and presentations. Game development will be done in Unity, or another platform with consent of instructor.

Instructor: John Bruneau
Email: john.bruneau@sjsu.edu

Class Days/Time: Tu Th, 6:30p to 7:45p
Classroom: MH 222
Office Hours: T 5:30p to 6:30p
Office Location: DH 282


Green Sheet
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SJSU Game Developers Club
Art of Innovation Wed 2-19-14

Individual Assignment

Personal Game

This game can be simple, this game can be retro, but it needs to be your original idea. It needs to be something meaningful to you. This is your chance to think out side of the box and to show off the kinds of ideas that you want to pursue. Class Presentations will be used to inform what groups you are in. Impress us.
Due: 2-11-14

Writing Assignment

What makes a game good?
Think. This is a harder thing to deduce than one might suspect.
Due: 2-20-14

Pitch and Prototype

Pitch: Put together a presentation. PowerPoint is strongly recommended. Everyone should talk. We are investors. Sell us your game.
Prototype: Give the class a sense of your gameplay and mechanics. The more you can show, rather than just tell, the better.
Due: 3-6-14

Alpha Version

A rough version of your game released for playtesting. There will be some obvious flaws and bugs and unfinished levels but it needs to have the shape and feel of your game, not just a tech demo.
Due: 4-3-14

Writing Assignment 2

What type of general feedback are you looking for from testers of your game? What six questions are you planning to ask.
Due: 4-3-14

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