Vicious Virus Versus

Vicious Virus Versus is a new take on the arena shooter genera. You are a virus with the goal of infecting as many cells as possible. Hop from cell to cell to rack up points but stay outside too long and you will parish, losing everything. Healthy cells and infected cells damage each other, so act quickly and aggressively, these cells wont last forever. Knockout any other viruses in your way and be the last virus standing.

Vicious Virus Versus was originally created at the 2018 Global Game Jam. After the jam I composed its unique sound and music effects by making live recordings of a glockenspiel and kalimba, both instruments I don’t actually know how to play. Further tweaks and polish are being added. Usually an update follows every playtest.


On March 9 fo 2018 Vicious Virus Versus was exhibited as part of Death by Audio Arcade’s NYC Dev Demo Night at Cloud City in Brooklyn New York.


For 2 to 6 Players. Optimized for gamepads.
D-pad to move, almost any button to jump.

Optional controls for players 1 and 2
Player 1 - Arrows and N or M, Player 2 - WASD + Z or X

Play the Game

Download Mac and PC versions on
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John Bruneau 2018