Frenemies in an Impossible Future

Frenemies in an Impossible Future is a twin stick arena shooter that changes from PVP to Co-op many times per round. I wanted to create the dynamic that a lot of boardgames have where alliances are always shifting. In this game you power a robot that can upgrade itself but uses other players to do so. For instance if another player absorbs you, you may become that player’s new arm upgrade, but you can still control that arm and shoot wherever you want. The upgrade components act as extra health so they can get shot off and regain their independence. I built the game with 12 players in mind but it is extendable to any number. Some of the inspiration comes from old Saturday morning cartoons like Voltron or Transformers combiners. This game is still a prof of concept and I am looking for time and inspiration to flesh it out into something really polished an appealing like Samurai Gunn or TowerFall.

In its current state, Impossible Future is essentially a demo. I would like to add more features like power ups, 7 person robot teams; The idea of other users taking more control of movement over time so there are diminishing returns as you become more powerful; Rounds, Color select, scoring, ranking, and online multiplayer. I haven't really had time to focus on what should come next or exactly what direction I should take it but with some luck I hope to finish it by the end of the year.

John Bruneau 2018