Left-click to start.
Right-click to toggle camera rotation.

To run the program you must have both Python and PyOpenGL installed on your system. This emplamintation does not support Python 3.

Download Infinitree

Infinitree is a Python/openGL program based on a self iterating process. It incorporates ideas of numeric sequences in nature and emergent systems. Using recursion, I wrote a method that draws a line, rotates the coordinates, and then calls itself! Twice! The result is self replicating exponential growth. Each branch is an exact clone because the same method draws each one. The shape is emergent not predetermined. I was hoping to create an organic form but I did not know what shape would develop until I actually ran the program. Because I was drawing from ALife philosophy in my code, the visual form of a tree is as expected as it is serendipitous. Given a system with infinite memory, Infinitree propagates forever, with each recursive fork being identical to the parent that spawned it, not unlike a fractal.

John Bruneau 2020