Prototype: OmniVision
Installed at the School of Art and Design, San Jose State University, San Jose Ca
Ran from November 1 to Nov 5, 2004
Photo Artists, Kevin and Jenna shared the gallery space

"It looks very medieval." –Joel Slayton

The headset was suspended from a chain attached to a wire cable track that traversed the width of the gallery space. Participants could move back and forth along the length of the cable. However, participants were prevented from moving perpendicular to the cable, across the length of the gallery. This was implemented due to concerns of interference with the other exhibitions. Two monitors were displayed side by side. The left monitor displayed the current users view. The right monitor displayed the video documentation of the Prototype Test Experiments.

The Omni software ran on a 3ghz PC located under the table. The feeds from the four Logitec Quickcam Pro 400 cameras ran into the PC which processed the information and sent a video feed back out to the Virtual IO headset display. The experiment videos ran off of a MacG4 also located under the table.