The concept behind is to bring metaphors of the net into physicality. The users transverse the web by traversing physical space, a physical manifestation of web-crawling so to speak. Based on the position of his or her hand, the user is brought to different locations on the net. A signal receiver from the "Flock of Birds" motion tracking system is strapped to the user's wrist and transmits values for its position. The values are registered as X,Y,Z coordinates in 3D space. Each of these three coordinate values is translated into a corresponding letter, ranging from A to Z. The three letters are fed into a domain name which is then opened in a browser window. Thus the user has the ability to access any and all three letter domain names. For reference, a real-time 3D representation of the users current hand movement and the resulting address is displayed graphically in an OpenGL window. The user can thus see where his or her arm is in relation to the alphabetical coordinates and what the next resulting website to open will be. The piece is based on interactivity and thus the audience participates as users in the installation.

Much appreciation to CRCA for use of the hardware and space.