slow progress for democracy

slow progress for democracy accompanied by flipper is a concept piece developed by Thomas "Pierre" Asmuth, John Pierre Bruneau and James "Pierre" Morgan. The film consists of a flickr photo stream based of the tag "democracy" accompanied by a midi cover of the Flipper theme. The film is unique yet similar each time it is shown and this version is not the exact same version that was screened. slow progress for democracy premiered at The Three Minute Film Festival in 2007 at Root Division in San Francisco, Ca.

"Our response to the slow progress of democracy of the western hemisphere, the trapped feeling that one gets watching the clock, knowing that it is wrong and staring in the face of the opinion of the world. This steady sabotaged march is marked by nostalgia for the past and an almost cruel misunderstanding of web 2.0. god bless the french and their democracy, god bless the dolphins and live secure in the knowledge that it only takes 2.5 minutes to make a 3 minute movie." - Thomas "Pierre" Asmuth

John Bruneau 2023