Future Flower

Future Flower is an upcoming augmented reality game that I am developing under the Arbitrary Industries banner with Stefanie Franciotti of sleep ∞ over. Inspired by Ikebana, the game allows players to use their iPhones or iPads to create virtual flower arrangements in real space. Flowers can be moved, rotated, and scaled in multiple dimensions and on multiple axes using a small number of touch gestures. Player’s have the ability to find virtual flowers in the real world à la Pokémon Go but can also leave flowers and arrangements for other players to find. Players can also send arrangements to each other directly over email or text messaging.


Store 2 at Babycastles Gallery NY, NY
Fantastic Arcade Opening Party at Scratchouse Austin, TX

Current Development

Right now I am working on integrating a mini-map that shows locations of flowers with real world streets and locations. I'd like it to work like a more flushed out dragon radar. Along with planting flowers for others to find I would like them to be able to leave text notes but I can see this being abused and I am not sure how to tackle it.

We want to add a Instagram integration because why not. I am also curious to see what improvements in ARKit 1.5 we an integrate into the structure we already have without going backwards in development too much. Currently Stef is working onboarding and sound.

If you would like to be part of our beta testing you can sign up here.

John Bruneau 2020