Litewall Games

The Litewall project is an 8x16 pixel board made by students and volunteers in SJSU's Cadre Laboratory. All work and installations are overseen by Steve Durie and the Litewall Group. Each giant pixel is illuminated by 5 independently controlled LEDs. All together they create 7 foot tall and 18 foot long wall of super size pixels.

Litewall_Pong and River_Snake were written in arduino code and are controlled through Wii Nunchuck movement. Both games were programmed to highlight the incredible color value range of the Litewall but still be readable at its constrained resolution. More games may be on the way as I continue to develop and iterate my code on the platform. Our exhibit at the 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire won Best in Class and two Editor's Choice awards.


Litewall_Pong is an adaptation of the Atari classic played with two Wii controllers. All the same rules apply. The speed of the ball increases with every paddle hit. Scoring is tracked with color, orange vs blue. The player's color expands across the board with every successful point scored and recedes when ever they are scored on. Whenever the display is all blue or all orange the match is won and the game board resets itself. Litewall_Pong was first exhibited at the 2013 SubZERO Festival in San Jose, Ca.


River_Snake is a Snake / River Rescue hybrid. This single player game scrolls automatically to the right. The player must avoid obstacles coming at you like large black rocks. Eating red apples makes you grow longer. When the snake's body reaches across the entire screen, the game board changes color and the player is presented with a new level. River_Snake was first exhibited in 2014 at the Bay Area Maker Faire.

John Bruneau 2023