Scrapper and Mixmaster:
Portraits of Robots That Form the Legs of Other Robots

item34 scrapper and mixmaster Scrapper and Mixmaster is one, in what I hope to be an ever growing portraiture series of robots, with the ability to become the legs of larger robots. There are many of these combining robots across media, the most famous of which is Voltron. This first piece, created specifically for the Body of Works show, focuses on two Decepticon Transformers, Scrapper and Mixmaster. These fictional evil robots are part of the Constucticons, a sub-team with a construction motif that combine to form the giant robot, Devistatator. In Transformer terminology they are referred to as gestalts, a reference to the psychological principles of Goethe, Kant, Koffka etc. There is a lot there to explore and given the time it would be great to have a chance to get back into photography a bit. I accidentally broke my Devastator's arm when I was making this piece, and Devastators aren't easy to come by these days. All in the name of art I suppose.

Body of Works

This fundraising show was a benefit auction with a new twist. Artists were invited to submit work as legs, torso, head, etcetera and the pieces were curated together to form complete bodies, much like an exquisite corps. Once all the bodies were formed by the curators, each four-piece combination was put up for auction on eBay as a whole work. This idea of "the whole being greater than the sum of its parts" was a direct influence on my decision to work with a transformer gestalt . My photographic piece comprised the bottom fourth of eBay item #34. I removed the links, for the auction has long since ended. Works Gallery is an invaluable member of the community in San Jose, it was a pleasure being part of this show.

John Bruneau 2023